Fried Fish: $11.99 per pound


Our fish is fried green river style, which is a thin, peppery cornmeal breading. It is hand cut, battered and breaded each week. You can order by the pound, the number of pieces you want, or even dollar amount.

Fish Sandwich: $5.99


Two pieces of fish on your choice of white, wheat, or rye bread.

Fish Dinner: $8.99


Three pieces of fish, fries, slaw and two slices of bread–white, wheat or rye.  It is quite the bargain! 

Slaw: $1.25


A cup of slaw to complement your fish. 

French Fries: $1.49 Order/$4.49 Pound


Pub-style fries, golden and delicious. 

Sweet Onions: $0.99


Hand cut and marinated in vinegar and sugar, our onions are unique   and really complements our fish. 

Bread: $0.19-slice/$2.99-loaf


Whether you need a couple of extra slices or a couple of loaves for the party, we have you covered. Available in white, wheat or rye.

Soft Drinks: $1.25


  While we only have one size, we do not jack the price up of our sodas like many   restaurants. We have Coca Cola products including, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Minute Maid Lemonade, Mellow Yellow, Barq’s Root Beer,   Pibb Xtra and Sprite. 

Coffee: $0.60


Morning, noon, or night; some people just have to have their coffee and we’ll be sure to have a fresh pot ready for you.

Tartar Sauce: $1.99


Always available for free for our dine in guest and carry out (customer-fill cups), but sometimes you need a lot for the masses.

Ketchup: $1.05


You do not want to be the one to arrive at the picnic with two pounds of fries and no ketchup!

The History of our Famous Fish Frys

The first fish fry stand, photo from the fall of 1930


Inside the original fish fry kitchen, the fall of 1930


The Suburban Social Club Fish Fry is a Louisville tradition. The first fish fry  was held October 1st, 1927, and it was not long after than they were held regularly. Today, the fish fry is open every Saturday except Derby, from March  through November. Fish is sold by the pound, as a sandwich, or a dinner. Sides are slaw, fries, and our signature marinated onions.